Annotatated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Hazing.“ Editorial. SR Consulting: performance & sport psychology. Self-Realization Consulting. October  2003. Web. 16 April 2012

This site had information on violence in schools and the effects on the people. It will be used to explain how hazing is not beneficial to the students are victims to the act.

Hazing in Sports: The Effects and Legal Ramifications” Editorial. United States Sports Academy. United States Sports Academy. 19 November 2003. Web. 6 April 2012.             

This had to do with the court side of hazing and the ramifications they can take place. Again it will show how hazing is not beneficial for the perpetrator

Hazing is A Hidden and serious problems.” Editorial. Cornell. Cornell 17  March 2009. Web. 22 March 2012

  This periodical had an assortment of facts each to be used throughout the course of the paper

Is Hazing A ‘Normal’ Part of College.” Editorial. Radio Boston.  90.0 wbur, 17 April 2012. Web. April  202012

This was a radio station production that was about Dartmouth students. This will be used as an example of a hazing incident

“Consequences of hazing.” University of Michigan: Student Affairs. University of Michigan. 24 Mar. 2008. Web. April 24 2012

Research that was done by the University of Michigan to both explain and gain better understanding of the hazing that takes place within fraternities, sororities and intercollegiate and professional sports teams. This will be used for the general information and facts to help solidify the claim that I am trying to make by writing this essay.


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