Is society promoting Hazing?

The subject I will be writing on is hazing and how it has become a part of our everyday society. The thing is no one really realizes it yet, hazing has been a problem as far back as the the 70’s in college but even before then in the miltary. I’m going to look into  hazing beyond just college hazing but all forms, including sports teams to the military. The reason I’m looking into this subject now is that I’m a freshman in college and this is when the thought of the stereotypical hazing happens.  

My research that I’m going to mostly focusing on in my essay is the psychological effects of hazing and how society now is promoting it.  

My over all goal is to show that hazing can effect a person pschologically, all just so they can fit into a group? I’m  also going to answer the question why people have to take it to such a degree to where it can destroy someones life physically and pschology.


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